(Source--Remy is the 9 year-old girl standing front and centre in the photo. Jhordan, 23, Ronnie’s son is standing next to Ronnie, who is holding her other daughter, Charlie, 5.)

Ronnie’s second son, Houston, confirmed my story earlier today. The above photo is of Houston’s twitter page (@HoustonStevenz, Jhordan Stevenson is @JhordanVancity, and their Mom @RonnieNegus). Houston re-tweeted my original tweet about Remy’s health.

People have been searching the internet based on the previews for part 2 of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” reunion show to find out if Ronnie’s daughter Remy had died. NO-REMY IS OKAY.

Jhordan Stevenson, Ronnie’s son, told me last Friday–while I interviewed him for a new reality TV show–that a few weeks ago Remy ALMOST DIED.

I was complimenting Ronnie and the rest of their family, Remy included, on how wonderful and positive of an example Remy represents for showing that there do not need to be any pre-determined limitations placed on children with special needs. Remy is very passionate about life and inspiring!

Once I brought Remy up, Jhordan shared with me (and the camera crew that was filming our interview–will eventually be a part of Jhordan’s friend Jeevan’s show) the fact that Remy had almost died a little while ago.

He said that food became lodged in her airway, and it took 7 hours (this is the exact number I remember Jhordan saying, but I’ll try to get confirmation from him via Twitter tomorrow about the exact details) to completely remove all of the food that was preventing Remy from breathing freely. I believe that Remy had to go to the hospital as well, as Jhordan presented this as a near-death experience.

While Jhordan himself stated that REMY’s safety was in serious jeopardy during the incident, she is still ALIVE AND WELL.

That is very good news! If there is a season 2, I look forward to seeing more of all of Ronnie’s children–Remy included. Ronnie is presented as having 5 children. Who’s the 5th child? Jhordan explained that it’s Russell’s (Ronnie’s husband’s) daughter, so she’s not blood-related to Ronnie. Apparently, she’s not quite as close to the family as the other children.

It’s good to know that–while Ronnie is clearly still very raw and emotionally shook-up as a result of the scary incident–REMY IS OKAY!

Let’s all send out some positive vibes to Remy with the hope that she stays HEALTHY in the future!

(This article has been “retweeted” by Ronnie’s other son, Houston (@HoustonStevenz), via Twitter to confirm it’s validity–will post pic of tweet later.) 

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