RHOV: CHRISTINA Explains Accent

Ahhh…while we were taking a break from filming, Christina Kiesel walks in to the room. Then she asks Jhordan what he’s filming for. I ran up to her and was amazed by her incredibly sumptuous (and natural-looking) lips and gorgeous eyes.
She was sweet and open to me, even though I probably seemed like a caffeinated-hyena due to my excitement.
I asked Christina about the origin of the way she speaks. How did her unique accent develop? She explained that she has been influenced by a German grandmother, who emigrated to Canada at the age of 42. As well, Christina shared with me that she had a speech impediment as a child.
Her issue was that she couldn’t pronounce her r’s and s’s. Which, Christina hilariously pointed out, is really unfortunate for someone with the name ‘ChRiStina’. So, Christina said she went to a speech pathologist and learned to enunciate her words. This led Christina to speak in a way that I initially thought sounded like something of a watered-down faux-Madonna-faux-British accent.
I also asked Christina if she had already turned gorgeous and sexy by high school. She said that, no, she hadn’t. So, I guess that’s why she’s so funny on the show, because she had some time on her hands to develop her sense of humour in her youth; instead of her other various talents that have been strengthened and developed in her later years. 
The one thing I regret from meeting Christina is that by the time I had my camera out, she had already re-joined her dinner party in Chinois. I took a peek in but she was already seated again, and I didn’t want to interrupt her dinner. The few minutes I spent talking to her were great though, and I hope to meet Christina again.

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