Mia Claman: Daddy Issues?


(Source) Is Mia an abandoned child? Does this factor into why she appears to enjoy creating drama with other people? Negative-attention seeker?

Mia made a quick reference to her father being an absentee Dad on the episode that aired before last night’s show. 

I’m going to do some detective-work once I’m back from work to try to figure out the mystery of who Mia’s father is.

Is she is a girl with some serious DADDY ISSUES?

Clearly, if Mia does have “daddy issues” they’re nowhere near as extreme as some women’s.

Case in point:


I’ve been unable to identify who Mia’s father is, but looking at the number of times people search “mia claman father” and are lead to my site, I’m amazed by how many people desperately want to know who co-created this individual.

Jody wrote a “blog” for “The Province” newspaper. Here’s an interesting excerpt:

“I knew that they would drink copious amounts of alcohol and get nude! I knew it! It always happens. I don’t want to be a part of that. But do I care that they do it? No. People can do what they want.

I’ve never been in situations like this. If I have a dirty secret, it’s something that I’ll take with me to the grave.

Jody Claman - Jody Claman Gives Back To the Less Fortunate


Did Jody have a wild one-night stand that resulted in her getting pregnant with Mia?

What is the story there? And why does Jody only want to drag-out other peoples dirty laundry, without being willing to open up about something she would judge if it happened to another person?

For example, imagine if over the course of filming Christina became pregnant with a child. Now imagine she was keeping it and refused to identify who the father is. Jody would have reemed her out for being irresponsible enough to get pregnant without first being in a marriage, or whatever other tradition Jody happens to want to conveniently cling to at any given time.


Jody and Mia have an opportunity (next season or the finale?) to let the viewers know what’s the deal with the daddy-situation. Everyone wants to know the real story, so share it with us!

It could be something incredibly sad and tragic, like Mia’s father could have died, but Jody’s silence on the issues creates some suspicion that there’s some DRAMA to be uncovered.

Read more of Jody’s “blog” post click here

In the post, Jody does not touch-on who Mia’s father is, and only references her current (soon-to-be ex?) husband.

The story of who Mia’s father is–and whether or not Jody got ditched while preggers with Mia–is something Jody clearly doesn’t want to share (pay up Lark Productions!!) for the time being.

(Source) By choosing to put yourself out there on a reality TV show–and by getting to enjoy all of the business opportunities that arise as a result of big-time exposure–it’s strange that Jody is so unwilling to be more forth-coming, especially about her past and the mistakes she’s made. It will get out eventually! If people want to know something, they usually find a way to hunt down the info. Me, I’m too lazy to go beyond typing in “mia claman father” on google.

Still, I’ll be jumping on any info about Mia’s papa that I come across.

If Mia is a girl who grew-up fatherless and felt unloved because she did not have a supportive male father-figure during her early years, I’d be curious to see what types of guys Mia chooses to date.

I bet she chooses guys who put her down about her appearance (even though Mia is beautiful and I love the way she looks) because Mia also has a Mom who is highly critical and judgmental of how her daughter appears to others.

Very few guys are able to appreciate an outspoken individual like Mia, especially since she appears to be 100% comfortable successfully identifying and pursuing what she wants in life (i.e. her clothing line).

Does anybody else wonder if that restaurateur PETER GIRGES had sex (maybe there’s more to the story than what we’ve been told) with a drunken Mia, or something crazy like that? Because he seemed pretty into wanting to connect with Mia directly, which seems bizarre since she was already co-operating when asked to leave his establishment.


Maybe he’s some older guy she boned a few times, and he’s trying to assert his power by claiming Mia goes around acting a fool in the place(s) he owns.

The MOSTLY LIKELY OPTION seems to be that Mia’s been a drunken mess and highly disruptive in the places Peter owns. Based on the loud and brash personality Mia likes to display while sober, imagining her super-drunk makes me understand that Girges may have it out for Mia for that reason alone.

Hopefully Peter will give Mia a big thank-you now though, because I’m sure the DRAMA surrounding Mia and Girges’ businesses (OPUS, CHINOIS & more) will increase the businesses popularity–now that they’ve been profiled on television. Nobody can forget: there’s NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY.

I think the CLAMAN TWINS, I mean mother-daughter duo, are very aware that when it comes to the fame-game any sort of attention can ultimately be beneficial.

But, it’s easy to say you don’t care if people “hate” you, or what others think.

Putting the whole “nobody can affect me” famous-person attitude into practice is probably much harder than it looks.

LASTLY, THANK-YOU MIA for updating me on bus prices: 3.75 is insanity! I truly didn’t realize the bus is this expensive now. But, thanks to Mia, I’ll be prepared with enough change the next time I hop on.


16 responses to “Mia Claman: Daddy Issues?”

  1. JPG says :

    Somone posted a high school photo on Twitter that was taken down soon after and her name was Mia Deakin Claman. Does that help

  2. concerned canadian says :

    as a canadian from to,…bus prices are high, but no where near as those in europe….nand yes mia they are high, but do you work? do you even know how minimum wage feels? have your parents ever been so disgusted they cut you off? your sense of reality is sad, and no one should be jealous, its pathetic.

    • concerned canadian says :

      ITS SICK!!!!! I work daily and grew up in Rosedale and Muskoka…people in Ontario do not behave like this. I’m sure Mia’s life has had less opportunities than mine, and she still finds a way to feel the need to shove her enharience down hard working adults throats? It’s a disgrace. Too bad your Dad abandoned you, he obviously knew you couldn’t even get in check with a good spanking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michael says :

    Michael Deakin

  4. ClamanHater says :


    Check out how many times Jody has been sued!

    Also I noticed there was a Supremem Family Law proceeding between Jody Claman and “Robert V. Claman, Could this be Mia’s Father or one of the other 3 men she spread her legs to.

    CLAMAN, Jody Lynne
    SAMWAYS, Robert v CLAMAN, Jody Supreme
    Family Law Proceedings Vancouver Law Courts 011533 01May2001 29Oct2001

    I might add that the details of this trial have been removed off the website.

  5. ClamanHater says :

    Mis Post:
    Robert Samways vs. Jody Claman

  6. Marie says :

    In what ever religion she belongs too, she is the devil of it..

  7. Babba says :

    I can’t stand the clamans. I refuse to watch the show next year if they are on it. Horrible horrible women who are an embarrassment to the rest of us Canadian women.

    • clarencebrone@hotmail.com says :

      ****BULL—-Bias jealousy, without the Claman’s the show would be adamantly boohoo hindsight decorum circle. Drama keeps the fan in question or alert for your own info…awarenes…..Viva la Claman’s, Aluta continua….keep the show spiced up – period…. Facts of Life Isms.

  8. Shannon says :

    From what I have gathered via “TheDirty.com” (which Mia seems to be fairly famous on) Jody Claman knew a restaurant owner back in the 80′s and a bunch of his business partners and Jody engaged in physical relationships with various all those associated men to satisfy a drug addiction she has (cocaine) I would like to add again, this is information from TheDirty and not from my direct knowledge. Anyway, Jody apparently conceived Mia with one of these men, not knowing who was the father and considering some of the men she had intimate relations with were attached (married) Jody decided not to bother searching for Mia’s biological father. Eventually, Jody’s addiction got so powerful that she ended up bankrupting all the men she was having sex with in exchange for money and the Vancouver restaurant suffered and had to close down. Mia is also a rumored drug addict (cocaine) which I assume is factual considering in many episodes Mia’s eyes are very glossy and seen to just roll around vacantly, as eyes usually do when under the influence of hard substances. Jody is always wearing sunglasses, which I assume is to cover up her glossy eyes also and possibly to cover up dilated pupils resulting from drug abuse. Since Mia seems to be fond of Ibiza aka a hard drug playground full of raves and electronic/dance genre DJ’s for the self-proclaimed “uppercrest” drug users such as royalty and celebrities, I wouldnt doubt she uses since people don’t go to Ibiza for the non-exsistant “family friendly” atmosphere. Regardless of it all, I find Mia to be a very fascinating and beautiful person to watch on TV. I feel bad for Mia since her mom Jody seems like such a witch. It is also rumored that Jody’s only son who you seldom see the entire season was a child she bared from an 18 year old boy she had an affair with.

  9. Beachy says :

    Mia’s loser Dad’s name is in fact Michael Deakin. It was painfully obvious at the time that Jody was bumping uglies with him because of his Mama’s money. No clue as to whatever happened to him, but when I had the EXTREME displeasure of being reminded of hideous Jody my first thought about MikeyBoy was “I’ll bet he’s either in jail or dead”. Pair from HOLYHELL those two were.

  10. Harry Helmsley II says :

    Mias father was a gang banger that was shot in the head when mia was a child. the reason how i know this is because one of my employees(from merit) said that the parents use to set the clam an sisters up with these older men that accompanied them at the grad. so mia’s father was that older guy who went to the grad with her and got shot in the head!!

  11. Yyc says :

    I am sitting beside MIA’s father and Jody’s ex husband. His name is Mikey. Enjoy.

    • Karmawillgetya says :

      LOL@ Yyc or Jodi..funny how easy it is for Jodi to judge Mary when there are a LOT of people who know the truth about her..Karmas a bitch and I can’t wait for someone to blow the lid on the REAL Jodi

    • foundthisonline says :

      Jody is a vulgar, disgusting, hypocritical liar. She has a dirty past, some of which I know not too be too distant. Without any detail as to protect the names of the guilty accomplices and innocent parties, she’s benefited from smuggling, trafficking, extorted prominent men who’ve had an affair with her, sold large sums of hijacked merchandise, and worse which I will exclude. She may be a hard worker because she’s so utterly greedy, but she didn’t get started without ‘funding’ and didn’t maintain over the years without a questionable cash injection or two along the way.
      Her “self made” story is a weak alibi to anybody who knows her most guarded secrets, and is as contrived as every word that passes through her lips. The fact that she doesn’t have any of her multiple friends from the 80′s and 90′s by her side today speaks volumes. Friendship with Jody has been a revolving door since she came to Vancouver for very good reason. Several children each with a different dad. Sadly, your kids are a by product of your attempt to sleep your way to success. Speaking of which, why has she made a point of neglecting to mention her first husband? Her oldest daughter wasn’t immaculately conceived. Hmmmmm. Did you perhaps become better over time at faking legitimacy?

      It’s gratifying to know that some few people have enough on you to cause you more than a headache. But those of us with true class will continue to live our lives with the details of your secrets safely locked away. Now enjoy yourself darling, while you embarrass yourself to anybody who can see through your trash, which you’ve desperately tried to package as class.”

  12. Lucy says :

    Jodi is a loathsome excuse for a human being and the height of heinous behaviour. It is actually frightening (or “concerning” a la Jodi) that she and Mia are “role models” for Hannah….the poor girl has a snowball’s chance in hell of growing up to be any decent kind of person. Jodi, you find lots of things “concerning” about Mary – why don’t you look in your own backyard? You keep saying you went to “finishing” school in Switzerland – really? Which school did you go to and in what year? You state that you started your business with a paltry $800.00 and no one else’s help, you poor dear, was that before or after you went to “finishing” school in Switzerland? You also keep stating that you are a “chef” – at which culinary school did you train? I read somewhere recently that you were getting some sort of threats that made you fear for your person….did it ever cross your mind that they might have been from Mia’s dealer?

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