RHO VANCOUVER: Who’s Jody’s Hubby? Identity Revealed!


This is JODY CLAMAN‘s husband. Jody tweeted: “My husband playing and working hard, #Whistler #Vancouver-uber day!” (source)

UPDATE: I feel special. MIA CLAMAN (@miaclaman) tweeted to me (@populareality): “He has twitter as well.” I’m assuming her tweet refers to this article about her “step”-father. I’m not sure whether or not Mia is close with her biological father, or who he is. Maybe Jody’s current husband is more of Mia’s father figure–or any variation of Mia being close to both men.

I did some more very serious, journalistic in-depth research and found his name, ERAN FRIEDLANDER and his twitter account (@eranfrie). For a man with a very public wife, it’s interesting Eran is trying to be so private: he has no pictures of himself posted on his twitter account.

According to a link sent to this site, click here to read about Mr. Claman’s full-time job: President, CEO, and Director of Eagle Star Minerals Corp. Sounds impressive! 

Here’s a cute pic from @eranfrie’s twitter of Jody with Hannah and Jody’s mother (source):

This photo is from Jody’s twitter account. It is entitled, “Amazing #Family time!…” (source) The man must be Jody’s husband. The young girl in the photo is Jody’s daughter, Hannah.

I want to know more about him, and I’d love to see Jody and her husband interact in-front of the camera.

Jody wrote in a blog that her husband chose not to appear on the show. I guess that’s a smart decision if you’re a business-person. But, Jody indicated that is was basically the poor-quality (“The legitimacy of the cast was really concerning for him.”) of the other women on the show that made him shy away from being on camera (source of blog for the Vancouver Sun).

Here’s some “web exclusives” of the women discussing a variety of topics, like botox and drama, on the Slice website.

59 responses to “RHO VANCOUVER: Who’s Jody’s Hubby? Identity Revealed!”

  1. Amelia says :

    Eran is such a super guy. Really nice. Hardworking. Good choice not to go on the show. Jody is equally nice, despite what you see on the show. My mom grew up with her in Merritt, but she was closer to Jody’s sister Sandra. I don’t know who Mia’s father is, Jody’s other husband is Robert Samways, another nice guy, who owns “A Salon”. That’s Joshua’s father, my brother is coincidentally good friends with Josh.

    People can say what they want but if they met Jody or Eran, they’d be overwhelmed with the kindness they’d receive!

    • Cher says :

      And yet she makes cracks on the show about a couple of the other housewives having 3 children all by different men. I find her to be quite hypocritical and a pathological liar. She’s been caught lying too many times to count on camera

    • Ann says :

      Jody is a horrible person who rips off clients to her store. Never shop there!!!!!

    • Alanna Cosman says :

      Amelia, how can you honestly post that there is any kindness to be found in Jody Claman whatsoever? This is a woman who wished on camera, that Mary should die and that she is a piece of garbage!! Really? The only thing I see with Jody and MIa is how they can manipulate and be so mean and cold…..

    • Dee says :

      Jody needs HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), its not an uncommon occurrence for women in their mid 50′s to have imbalances. Jody’s behavior exhibits problematic signs indicative of menopause, she needs to be tested and treated. I highly doubt she gave birth to Hannah just a few years ago, it makes more sense that she is the child’s grandmother.

    • Diana says :

      For u Amelia. U sound as stupid and delusional as Jody. R u as ugly as her too. her comment her husband said that he was worried about the legitimacy of the cast. she is disgusting. And I read Hannah is Mia’s daughter. I would be jealous of Mary too if I were her. Jody is not in love with Ronnie, she is in love with her money only. Following her around like the dog she is.

  2. Madison says :

    It’s too late as 9 out 10 people who watch the show think Jody is mean spirited, no class, bottom feeder bully. She is such an ugly person inside and out I’m even surprised this poor man who looks younger than her married her. He made the right choice of not going on the show because having a wife like Jody I would walk around with a paper bag over my head. Her rude bitchy daughter..wow… Like mother like daughter. Two sad scums! I never never written anything like this online but again I have never disrespected and hate anyone as much as Hoedy!

    • Lola says :

      I agree whole heartedly with everything Madison has to say. Jody is and Mia make all Vancouverites look awful.

    • rosie says :

      couldn’t agree more, I feel sickened by Jody’s fake, snidy ways, I would like to see her removed from RHOV, someone needs to wipe that smug smile off Jody’s face and those tiara’s and dresses more suited to a 12yo are just a joke, it is obvious she is a very sad human being trying to be something she is not.

    • Kabaret Marcil says :

      Well put Madison….the woman is so distasteful and vulgar…and that daughter needs some lessons in manners….what a classless big mouth boozer she is…she is an embarassment when she drinks…funny though Jodi seems to think her behaviour is fine yet she rips others to shreds when she thinks they are misbehaving…just that superior look she gives with that ridiculous crown on her head and fake feathers is so laughable…you two are joke

  3. Marie-Hélène A. Maradi says :

    Canadians have always had such wonderful reputations everywhere that seeing how this Jody character behaved made me so sad, Her Canadian citizenship should be revoked! She is truly unworthy.

  4. Liss says :

    Jody Claman is scum.

  5. carla smith says :

    Would anyone who’s experienced Jody and her daughter’s vile behaviour shop in her store? It’s obvious they don’t understand how their immature, vicious demonstrations will affect the ‘bottom line’.

  6. monica says :

    I don’t like Jody. She is a hypocrite and a bully. She must be very jealous of Mary which is one of the prettiest and nicest. It infuriates me when she makes fun of Mary’s face and age. Jody needs to look at her face in the mirror more often and count her own birthdays.

  7. Dina Strice says :

    I think Ugly Hoedy and her equally discusting daughter are not only jealous of beautiful Mary, but racist. I think that this wanna be Jewish skanky woman. She converted. She is just a redneck from Oklahoma Trying to act Jewish. I am not Jewish, but she is an embarrassment to all Jewish women. Mary is Lebanese. She is just mad because she questioned her authenticity. Jody, KARMA IS COMING TO GET U. AND YOUR UGLY DOG DAUGHTER TOO. YOU R DISCUSTING. Her 3 kids are from 3 different fathers. And another thing Ronnie is discusting too. I think she would be nothing if it wasn’t for her rich husband.

  8. Lola says :

    This show would be so much better without Jody and her bullying. But then you’d have to get rid of Amanda also as she is just a rude and ugly as Jody. RHOV is the worst of all the Real Housewive shows.

  9. kathy says :

    Agreed! There are no words to describe pigs like Jody & Mia – they are pure evil. And Ronnie? Whatever does her rich husband see in her besides her over-filled lips? She looks like The Joker from Batman! Oh….and classy – threatening to kick Amanda’s ass. Really? If a kid in school did that, they’d be expelled. Just because its middle aged women does not make it acceptable – in fact, it’s pathetic. Yes, RHOV is awful and a disgrace and embarrassment to our nation.

  10. cecilia says :

    I am feeling very uneasy everytime I turn on the Real Housewifes of Vancouver. Each time I see Jody Claman’s face, I fast forward. I used to quite like this series, but it has become really cringe worthy and uncomfortable to watch.

    • rosie says :

      Canadians must be quite embarrased to see how “some” of the RHOV behave, Mary is a sweetheart, I would like to see more classy women on here, not bullies, I have stopped watching the show due to Jody and her spoilt brat of a daughter Mia, grow up you are all adults, maybe the producers pay you more to be so vulgar if so shame on you. What a poor blight on Canada this show is.

      • liz says :

        I have to say Jody is living proof that money doesnt buy class she may give money to charities but it would be nice is she acted with some kindness,It seems that she pats her own back for giving of money it would be nice if she gave of her self and before she talks about any one look in the mirror tacky

    • Maria says :

      Jody, Ronnie & Amanda are a disgrace to Canadian women. They are dysfunctional bullies. An 2 alcoholics, one a dry drunk the other practicing alcoholic & Jody a mental health insecure case. Pretty Sad the producers allow and promote bullying. I’m really disappointed. Wouldn’t be surprised if the show is axed! It’s extremely abusive. Jody is a clueless insecure bully for sure, with Amanda & Mia at her heels. So Sad.

  11. Polly says :

    You producers and writers of the vancouver wives, are showing that bullying is acceptable….by having Jody and daughter and scum like Amanda on the show…Mary is being bullied…I hate this show now.

  12. Tiff says :

    I hate Jody !!!!! She makes me sick with all that fur she wears and she try’s way too hard to be “classy”. How can someone like that be a role model for children, or anyone in that matter??

  13. Jude says :

    It is very uncomfortable to watch RHOV. The 3 women that are likeable aren’t even Canadian. Jody, Mia, Amanda and Ronni give Canadian women a bad name. Too painful to watch, so I don’t anymore.

  14. Cat says :

    I don’t know, if in some perverted way,Jody thinks that the person she is on RHOV makes her in some way good, but it just makes her look BAD BAD BAD! She should be ashamed of herself and Mia as well . Mia although is a product of the way she has been raised by a pathetic mother who probably should have given her away at birth( if she loved her at all .) Jody’s behaviour makes me ashamed to say that I am a Canadian and now Ronnie has jumped on the Jody bandwagon…….Good God help us ! Now we are being poisoned by Amanda too. Where did these extroverts come from ??? A mental institute? All 3 need to attend charm school and learn how to be polite at least.

    • Cyrus says :

      Shame on you Jody & Mia Claman. And shame on Lark too for perpetuating the disgusting behaviour of these nasty, useless, shallow liar’s. Just plain gross. These evil scumbags cause a whole lot of bullshit, they hurt and lie and scheme and plot against others and not only do they seem to love it, Lark focus’s on it. Just a fu..ing pathetic excuse for women AND for Canadian’s, they make us all look bad.

      • geena says :

        I enjoy RHW and have to say that I would never have expected to see Canadian women act in this way. As an English woman with Canadian friends and family i can see why so many of you are ashamed of the way some of these ‘ladies’ portray themselves, they are not a good representation and i think the shows producers should be ashamed also. I thought the American shows were cringe worthy at times but Jody and Mia are in a league of their own

  15. msacanada says :

    I am speechless. Jodi, Amanda and Ronnie are some of the most horrible people on television. It is so sad to see them representing the Canadian franchise. There really is something evil in Jodi and Ronnie. Wonder what kind of animals their husbands are to be married to these bottom feeders.

  16. Kabaret Marcil says :

    I didn’t realize that Ronnie was such a mean-spirited person and especially when she drinks…she acts like a high school kid that can’t control her behaviour…that is the sign of an alcoholic…I can’t even imagine Amanda when she drank she must have been a real bitch because she can’t seem to shut her mouth now…Ronnie you might want to lose that tough girl attitude because someone might knock you the fuck out..hint…hint…Robyn from Texas…other people might take your shit but others might not…you seem to get away with a lot of bad behaviour because you married rich…you are so jealous of Mary that it shows in every conversation…is it because she has so much class and you have almost none…well keep hanging around Jodi and you will have absolutely none…are you not embarrassed to act that drunken way around your family…it’s so distasteful…and you might want to go easy on that lip filler…holy shit

  17. Anna says :

    I can’t believe how evil Jody and Mia are…now blowfish (Ronnie) and hunchback of Dotre Dame (Amanda) are following in their footsteps…you ladies are ugly…ugly, butch bitch broads, unfeminine…although you all try…but you should be linebackers on a football team…Jody…are you kidding me…wishing death on Mary…you are so jealous of Mary that you can’t can’t see straight…yes she’s prettier than you and your daughter…yes she’s got class, sophistication, diginity and inner beauty as well out outter…a voice like an angel…really I can’t blame you and ugly Mia…but try to control yourself…why do you keep harping on Mary’s looks…her fillers? What do you care? What if Mary wants to keep that to herself…are you the plastic surgery police? You are an asshole…and Mia is a product of you…what are you thinking when you open your mouth…are you insane? I dont even think highschool kids act like you and your gang…I have no words…the Vancouver housewive franchise is a joke…you guys can’t be serious…the acting is overdone and its bad…please go away and stop embarassing us Canadians…eh?

    • msacanada says :

      These are the vilest females on televisions. I thought Ronnie and Jody came back on the show to revamp their image, they felt misrepresented last year. Boy oh boy, yup, we can see who you really are. BTW, who is Amanda and why is she there? Is she the gremlins evil twin?
      As if Jodi could afford to buy a real Hermes? Oops, maybe vintage.
      What kind of men would marry these bottom feeders, doesn’t say much about these men and the word INTEGRITY.

  18. Catherine says :

    I’ve stopped watching.

    • My.2.cents says :

      If Hoe-di (had to borrow that nickname from Dina, too fitting) is still on the show next season (if there is a next season) I’m not watching either. The Show has been a train wreck from the start, but the horribly mean, hypocritical, dysfunctional and downright insane women are a total embarrassment.
      It’s so uncomfortable and awful to watch Mary being verbally flogged by such mentally unstable, jealous and class-less females. I always get a laugh from Iolia, she cracks me up. Time for Hoe-di to leave the show and all tv in general.

  19. brigitte says :

    I’m glad other people feel the same way I do. As a Canadian, the Jody/Mia/Amanda/Ronnie clan feel like a complete DISGRACE to what it means to be Canadian. The bullying this season is absolutely despicable, mean-spirited, and childish. What grown women behave this way? I couldn’t even be this mean in grade school, let alone adult hood. I agree that it’s the worst of all the HW in terms of the depth of the ugliness of the characters. I don’t understand why anyone would want to portray themselves that way on television. It’s ugly and sad and I’m close to boycotting the show as well.

  20. Nola says :

    Amanda is a dry drunk, for sure, Ronnie is an alcoholic in denial, Jody and her sidekick Mia would be an amazing psychiatric study! I feel sorry for Jody’s husband, what does he see in her, and is he the father of Hanna, is Jody the biological mother? Jody is the same age as me, I doubt she could have had a child at her age. Poor little Hanna, what will become of her? I also feel sorry for Ronnie’s husband, she is nothing but a gold digger full of fillers and God knows what else. Mary is lovely, sweet, kind, loving and generous, all the things Jody, Ronnie, Mia and Amanda are not. I saw a picture of Mary when she was younger and she had the same cheekbones, yet according to Jody, she has implants, there is nothing fake about Mary! Amanda disgusts me in a different way, I hope her boyfriend from Seattle sees through her evil personality, he deserves a woman who is real and not fake, full of implants and just an ugly ugly dry drunk person. Enough said, pure and evil nasty Vancouver women, give the rest of us “real” women a bad name.

    • Maria says :

      Ioulia, Robin & Mary have class and present as ladies, unlike Ronnie, Jody & Amanda. Too bad Christine & Rikka left. Would have been much classier to keep them & turf Ronnie & Jody. Canada’s Housewives is an embarrassment compared to the classier States housewives. Ronnie, Amanda & Jody give canada a bad rap given thier dysfunctional behaviors.

  21. Maria says :

    I am disappointed Jody is an embarrassment to women. I have to think RHOV is scripted because it’s so disgusting a woman would behave as she does. I wonder if her money comes from her husband or combination of her other husband’s income because it’s usually the ones that live off others income to rise to the top that views people by their worth. She has no class or grace. I am absolutely surprised a woman acts as she does unless she has a dark secret, something so terrible must have happened to her and i think she has MH issues.

    • Maria says :

      Amanda is a dry drunk. She obviously hasn’t completed her 12 steps because she it’s plain evil and appears to feed on dramas and causing trouble. She us oblivious to her behavior. She & Jody deserve each other. Amanda is a disappointment!

      • Maria says :

        Ronnie is though. Nothing lady like with her. Her alcoholism needs to seriously be checked. Shes just a tough gal. Her fillers are so disproportioned. I don’t think she’s far behind Ronnie & Amanda in poor manners. Wonder if her eealth arose through husbands. Wonder what her husband thinks about her drunks? Doesn’t appear to have quality time with her children. Feel sorry for them.

      • Maria says :

        Ioulia, Robin & Mary have class and present as ladies, unlike Ronnie, Jody & Amanda. Too bad Christine & Rikka left. Would have been much classier to keep them & turf Ronnie & Jody. Canada’s Housewives is an embarrassment compared to the classier States housewives. Ronnie, Amanda & Jody give canada a bad rap given thier dysfunctional behaviors.

  22. Shawn says :

    I am in shock after watching the last episode of the second season. Actually, I could not finish watching it after Jody’s behavior. Shock of all shock, even Mia appeared discussed with her Mother’s behavior. People must think that Canadian”s are classless idiot’s. Enough already ! Time for the Producers to sack Jody. I won’t be returning as a viewer any time in the future .

  23. Toni says :

    I think it is time for Jody, Ronnie, and Amanda to have a reality check. They are nothing but jealous MEAN GIRLS! They are not women but children, who use alcohol to fill their emptiness. I thoroughly believe that they should not be on t.v. They are terrible role models, and for these women to have younger children living in an environment like this is criminal. I think the authorities should be involved with all three as they are clearly abusing their children emotionally and by neglecting them. What a disgrace!

  24. msacanada says :

    Jody is one of the most disgusting human beings. Ronnie is no better, I cringe every time I see her, hypocrite. I wonder what kind of men marry these unfit creatures.
    Watching this seasons fiasco I will not be purchasing any of their wares nor would I invest anything that their spouses own or run. If these men would marry these animals just think what they do in their business world. Cough, cough Reynolds filing bankruptcy.

  25. Marge says :

    Being a business owner and apparently a well-known and respected? chef, Jody should be embarrassed and ashamed with the way she acted in the series, particularly the last episode. Vancouver people should show their disgust by NOT shopping in her vintage (used?) clothing store, nor should they hire her catering business for any function. Payback is a bitch.

  26. Joan says :

    Well isn’t it interesting that there was only one positive comment about Jody? Did she post that herself? She has some serious issues! No one can possibly allow themselves to be portrayed that way unless that’s what they’re really like! As others have posted I would not spend a penny on anything to do with either of her companies. She calls Mary a sociopath! Although of course Jody doesn’t have the charm associated with a sociopath!

  27. Melinda says :

    Jody? A cow. Ronnie? What’s up with the trout pout? Do you really think it looks good? Amanda, really rough around the edges. I dare any of these women to admit to reading the above comments and then respond. Jody is trash. Please, please send her back under the rock from which she came. You’ve lost a viewer here.

  28. Barb says :

    I have been a big fan of the entire “Real Housewives” series for a few years now. There has been serious drama on each of these “housewives” shows, but I have never ever witnessed bullying to this degree on a reality show . I am disgusted, appalled and yes, I too, wince when tuning into the latest episode of RHOV. To the producers…. how dare you insult my integrity to subject me, the viewer, to this type of “entertainment”? And I use that term VERY loosely! I am sure that this particular season of RHOV will be shown to all students taking psychology at colleges or universities as their “go to video” for adult bullying. I don’t mean to sound crass, but that’s exactly what the show has come down to. The women who claim to have “status and sophistication” on the show are purely vindictive, dysfunctional, disturbed, pathetic, calculative, mean-spirited, totally in denial individuals who have really never left high school and, unfortunately, took great pleasure in making Mary their “sacrificial reality lamb”. I think the producers of RHOV lack integrity allowing such horrible acts of bullying to be viewed to the public at large. Ironically, last season, Jody served Mary with “papers” alledging Mary had “de-famed” her store. Not sure what came of that, but this season, Jody has continually verbally assaulted Mary, on many occasions in front of many people, to which Mary could easily have her “served” with a lawsuit for defamation of character and slander, but being a strong, class act that Mary is, she chose to “turn the other cheek” and invest her time in herself, her family, her charities and her own personal endeavours. Hat’s off to Mary! Now that’s a Canadian to be proud of for sure! It takes a very strong individual to be able to endure this type of torment and come out of it smelling like a rose. I, too, am a victim of bullying and found myself living my days of being tormented by the likes of Jody, Ronnie and Amanda all over again each time I watched the show. It was truly painful to watch this season. I hope the producers will act with some accountability, integrity and more importantly, read these comments, and make changes to the cast for next season as I am embarassed at our Canadian “go” at a Real Housewives series has resulted in such lewd acts of bullying. I don’t want to outwardly “bash” any one person because I, then, become part of the problem. I want Canadians to acknowledge that bullying, in any form, needs to be stopped. As viewers, we have the power to do this. We all know that “drama” creates ratings, but at what cost? I know one thing producers look at ….. viewership! Need I say more? My message to Mary: We, the viewer, enjoy watching you. You are a beautiful, sweet, kind, loving person and an inspiration to many. Because of you, Mary, I am proud to say “I AM CANADIAN”. You are loved and supported from the east coast to the west coast! You’re our “hero!”

    • Joslyn says :

      Jody have a husband, WOW 1 hard to believe, i thought she was a frusted Goat that is why she is so jelous of Mary

    • Sue says :

      Very well said Barb. Couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. I find it very disturbing also that young impressionable girls and woman likely view this show and see this sadistic behaviour and might think it’s normal relational behaviour between adult women and nothing could be further from the truth. Jody and Ronnie have been on a “smear Mary campaign” this entire season and it is totally sickening. Sickening also that the producers have not stepped in along the way to read these very spoiled/immature woman the riot act about their mean spirited and horrible behaviours. It is clearly evident to any viewer that Jody is very jealous of Mary in all regards and also deviously envious of her past friendship with Ronnie. Jody wants so badly to be admired and loved by Ronnie and Mary again is a potential threat. I gather Jody believes Ronnie has more to offer her in terms of a long term monetary investment. I also believe Ronnie is somehow weirdly enjoying seeing Mary tormented as well as ripped and torn apart…. so sad:(

      I’m so pleased to read people still value goodness. The goodness which Mary Zilba innately possesses. RHOV, please clean up your act for next season!!

  29. Cyrus says :

    I am sure one, among many, of the delusions Jody Claman suffers from is how she views herself in relation to the shows ratings. Lark will probably attempt to sign her for a 3rd season because they’re assholes too, they don’t give a shit about anything as long as they get the ratings they want, which speaks to their moral compass, HELLO, but of course Jody will tell herself she’s being asked back because she’s so popular. We’ve all heard her rallying call about how she “supports other women” that’s why she thinks they want her back, because she’s a positive role model for “women standing on their own and supporting each other” give me a break already. Jody you can spiel your little catch phrases and think you got it going on but anyone who watches you on the show knows deep down your just white trash from Merritt honeyboo. How sad I feel the need to say something like that, I don’t like talking this way about other people, and I’m sorry I’m doing it, but this rhymes with witch has it coming, I’m sorry, she gets no mercy from me. In her little interview sound bites, the way she sits there dressed like Barbie on crack pontificating about Mary and what she thinks is acceptable behaviour and what she thinks is not, are you effing serious? “no air conditioning and lots of penis?” “Mary’s a terrorist, she likes to blow herself up?” Really Jody? She thinks these lines make her look and sound so amusing. She’s an idiot! Don’t think you can parade around on national TV talking smack and pointing fingers at everyone else while you sit on your throne in West Vancouver and pretend your shit don’t stink. After seeing her on RHOV I’ve come away sure of one thing…I wouldn’t want to be Jody Claman for all the rice in China honey. I can’t imagine what it’s like going out in public. Especially in Vancouver. I guess she thinks her powers of persuasion will disarm her haters once she meets them, but I doubt anyone who behaves the way she does can ever recover. She’s made her bed. It’s too late, the mess she’s in today is the she made all by herself with no help from anyone else. Then to serve the homeless cake? I can see her with her rich friends all having a good chuckle over how amusing she is. Larry Lunch Bucket? Whatever. It’ll take a lifetime and millions in charity to fix her reputation. I wonder why we’re SO insulted by her behaviour when it’s “just a show”, but the things that come out of her mouth and the things she does to other people are so deplorable, so nasty, it’s human nature to have such a negative reaction. No one likes to be bullied and we’re living in a time where the consequences of bullying are all around us, yet Jody Claman is oblivious to her own overtly vile type of bullying. Bullying in the guise of women helping women is just SO insulting on so many levels. I think the problem is no longer Jody. We’ve all got her number now. No, the problem is the production company who promotes and funds this trash. It’s time for heads to roll at Lark. Anyone who seriously thinks this is good TV should be fired. Another reason Ronnie, Amanda and Jody piss everyone off so much is because Vancouver is so stunning and the people are so beautiful. We don’t appreciate these kinds of moron’s representing a city as charming and as diverse as Vancouver. I hope Jody’s as rich as she wants us to believe she is because the only thing that’s gonna like her back now is her money and the friend’s it’ll buy. If I were her, and she hardly deserves this advice, but if I were her I’d hire a PR firm and get my ass on as many shows as possible, I’d put myself out there and attempt to mitigate at least some of the damage by showing us she’s really not the judgemental, obnoxious, pathetic, fur wearing, customer scamming shrew she portrays herself as on the show. It’s a long shot, but it’s all she has left. That would be her only hope at this point.

    • Marge says :

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. Jody is a bitch, to put it mildly. There really is nothing she can do to redeem herself. Out of every blog I’ve read about here, only one person stuck up for her — everyone else hates her and loves Mary. I don’t know where she gets off saying what she does about Mary. Actually I think Mary should sue her.

    • Sue says :

      Oh my goodness Cyrus. You do not mince words and hit the nail on the head with all you have said here in your post. You were very generous in offering up solutions to Jody’s self induced mess…lol. You should also perhaps consider creating your own blog/website. you appear to be a passionately realistic and captivating writer!!

  30. Colleen McLaren says :

    All of you are saying how nice Mary, Robin and Loulia are and the only women on this show who even come close to representing Canada. At least the way most of us believe ourselves to be. Canada has an excellent reputation around the world, and the trait I’ve heard us described as most? Polite. Here’s the thing though- Mary, Robin and Loulia are not Canadian. Mary and Robin are Americans who married Canadians. Knowing Americans I seriously doubt they gave up their American citizenship. Loulia is Russian and she may actually be a citizen, but she learned her manners in Russia, not Canada.
    There’s the really sad part.

  31. GT says :

    As a fan of most of the Real Housewives shows, our Vancouver Housewives is an insult to the city. Jody is the scum of the earth, and the only hit this show would achieve is for all to watch her get fired from the show, kick that ugly fat ass of hers to the curb …. also I hope she gets sued right up that ugly ass of hers also for all the lies she spreads about fellow cast members, and Jody you know what we mean. You’d be best to leave this province as you have made your name shit in this city.

  32. Edna Cloud says :

    I love this show, I work in a women’s refuge where women also have struggled to be taken seriously. They develop a pecking order too. Who suffered the most, who has the worst symptoms, who has less money etc. its called survival.

    I come home and I watch RHOV, basically the same behaviour. Who can out do the other, who has the most unresolved issues.
    Not one of these women have managed to keep a marriage going! They have huge insecurities, at least 2 of them are in an abusive relationship,
    ALL of them have body issues. Far too thin and believe that they look good with pneumatic lips!
    Most of them make a living off the back of their partners.
    One child appears to makes a living on her back. And passes off her child as her sister! Yeah right.
    Ronnie, stop plumping your lips. Stop trying to impress so called friends with your husbands wealth. Move on, stop sitting on the fence. Have strong views about where you want to be, who you want to be, and stop moaning about your daughters disability. many disabled people have achieved so much, don’t harp on about the cards that have been dealt! listen to yourself, to what you want. Not what you think your friends think you should do… You are far too controlled by the people nearest to you. You will be far happier living a very simple life.
    Good Luck.

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